Conference Theme Papers

The first paper in this series is an overview of health sector reform in the NIS and CEE over the last decade. The following five papers introduce the five key system change areas. The papers represent the views of the authors and are not meant to be definitive nor comprehensive surveys on these themes, but rather a conceptual framework for the conference participants. There are many different sub-themes to the issue of health sector reform in the region. The limitations imposed by the time available for conference sessions were such that we had to select a few areas to focus on at the conference. Therefore, the papers do not give a comprehensive analysis of the range of issues that have arisen in the course of the past 10 years. Furthermore, within each sub-theme only a few of the dimensions of the reforms could be addressed. For instance, the scope of the papers often has not touched on some of the issues that will be discussed in panel sessions, reflecting the different priorities of government leaders, local reformers and donor organizations. Most would agree however, that the five tracks do represent important aspects of durable and sustainable reform and also are linked to each other showing the integrated nature of the reform process. USAID gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the European Observatory on Health Care Systems in coordinating and compiling the conference theme papers.

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